Shuter Residence

Pilot Place Society’s Shuter Residence is located at 90 Shuter Street in downtown Toronto and consists of the entire 4th & 5th floors within a 10-storey apartment building. The residence includes two 5-bedroom apartments and two 4-bedroom apartments, for a total of 18 single units with shared bathrooms, plus common areas, such as a lounge and dining room on each floor – all fully furnished.
The Shuter Residence began operations in May 2009, after a successful proposal to the Toronto Central LHIN (Local Health Integration Network), in response to the ongoing demand for the supportive housing program offered at Pilot Place Society’s Lombard Residence.
The Shuter program operates as a partnership between CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Homes First Society, and Pilot Place Society: CAMH recommends potential residents, who meet Pilot Place Society’s admission criteria, and provides out-patient psychiatric services for the Shuter residents; Homes First Society serves as the Shuter Residence landlord, receiving a Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) subsidy; while Pilot Place Society provides support staff & services within the residence and manages the program’s operations.